Business Operations Associate at States Title
San Francisco, CA, US

We are looking for a driven, versatile achiever who is energized by solving complex problems, excels at both structured and creative thinking, and executes with clarity and conviction.

You are fired up to:

  • Make an immediate impact on a national scale by solving complex, cross-functional problems and driving solutions through to implementation
  • Conduct research and analysis and provide structured, strategic recommendations on how to optimize operations in a highly regulated industry
  • Own communication to over 1,000 employees with the goal of sharing progress, creating transparency, and building an engaged and energized team
  • Develop materials that clearly and persuasively communicate the company’s goals and objectives
  • Build relationships and work effectively with internal stakeholders; balance priorities, clearly communicate needs and manage progress
  • Work on a diverse and varied set of projects and responsibilities as urgent business needs arise; have a perspective on what to do next and can re-prioritize on the fly as new needs and information emerges
  • Travel occasionally to to do research, build relationships, meet with regulators, and/or support the Operations team for key presentations and meetings
  • Work in an entrepreneurial environment with high-caliber colleagues

You have:

  • 3+ years relevant work experience. Ideal candidates may have experience as an associate at a strategy or management consulting firm. Residence in San Francisco, CA is preferred, but not required.
  • Worked on complex problems with multiple stakeholders, resulting in exceptional outcomes
  • A demonstrated ability to diagnose problems, develop project plans and drive solutions through to completion
  • A unique ability to communicate complex thoughts clearly
  • An impeccable attention to detail and a knack for creating structure out of chaos
  • Ability to dive deep into problems, but not lose sight of the forest in the trees

We are working on something pretty exciting.

Our vision is to make homeownership simpler, safer, and more accessible. Our first step is reinventing title insurance.

We are unlocking an enormous business opportunity.

American homeowners spent $14.3 billion on title insurance in 2016. Less than 5% of that money went back into their pockets in the form of payments on claims. Instead, nearly all of it funded a slow, inefficient, and manual research process most comparable to a librarian searching a card catalog.

We don't see card catalogs at libraries anymore, and we've found a way to offer homeowners, brokers, and mortgage bankers better, more seamless service through the use of transformative technology.

We are a startup with the resources and reach of a national company.

States Title is a startup that recently acquired a 1,000-person national title company with a respected brand and national scale. We have the scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit of a new company combined with the expertise and national presence of a large incumbent.  

We are making a genuine, real-world impact on the lives of millions of Americans.

Homeownership is broken, and we are doing our part to fix it. When most Americans sell or refinance the most valuable asset they will own in their lives - their home - they often lose a full 10% of its value to the fees and frictions that exist in today's real estate market. Additionally, the lengthy, bewildering, and unpredictable process incurs an emotional and stressful toll on first-time and experienced homeowners alike.

By simplifying and expediting services like title and escrow, we can make the dream of homeownership more attainable and less risky, and we can help current and future homeowners save time and money that they can better invest into more meaningful parts of their lives (or back into their homes!). In doing so, we make things better for everyone involved: homeowners, lenders, realtors, and real estate attorneys.

Our approach involves overcoming significant operational and technical challenges.

If solving these problems were easy, someone would have done it already. Our approach requires bringing service, analytics and technology together in a groundbreaking way, and doing so in an industry that has historically lacked all three. This will mean applying creativity and flexibility to every interaction with customers and partners, while always looking for ways to make them - and, by extension, us - more successful. We don't expect there will ever be a boring day.

We want the work you do here to be the best work of your life.

We believe the most valuable investment we can make - and the greatest boost we can give to your career - is to build an outstanding team of colleagues who are passionate about our mission.

We currently offer the following benefits and will continually evolve them with the goal of efficiently attracting, retaining, and leveraging the very highest quality talent:

  • Our passionate, capable team will always be our #1 benefit
    • We are proud of the team we have built so far, and we are excited about the team we have yet to add
    • Learn something new every day
    • Get more done than you would anywhere else
  • Highly competitive salaries and stock option grants
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family
  • A modern, helpful 401(k) plan
  • Wellness and commuter benefits

We believe in equal opportunity.

Life is better – and teams perform better – when there is real diversity. That’s why we are building a diverse team, with a variety of backgrounds, opinions, skill-sets, and personal characteristics.

States Title, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, military or veteran status or any other status protected by applicable federal, state and local laws.